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Live My Life Alone Forever Now(A Frankie Story)/Chapter 2

Live My Life Alone Forever Now
Chapter 2

Frank's POV

We walked into the office doors. Karina walked up to the secretary's desk "Hi um…ma'am I'm the new student." she said, "oh hello honey, oh yes I do have you registered, alright heres your locker number, and class schedule have a nice day" the secretary smiled.

Karina grabbed her stuff and we walked out the office. "Hey if you need, I can help you through out the day if you want." I suggested. "thank you frank, I was about to ask you that, because I know no one else would help me." then she smiled. Her smile made me smile. She's just like me, a loner and a sensitive person, I don't know if karina's a trouble maker though. "Well come on then! Lets go find your locker" I said pointing to the hallways. We walked into the hallway full of lockers, and people gave us glares, I stuck my middle finger up at them and they turned away.

I then found my locker which is 47E, I read the number on karinas paper. It said 48E! I gasped and looked at karina "hey doesn't my paper say 48E or something?" she said, "Yea, and mines right here!" I grinned. "awesome! Now I get to see you between periods." "hehe, hey can I see if I have any classes with you?" I asked "sure" she handed me her schedule, I read through her classes and smiled, "awesome, I have 2nd,5th,6th, and 7th with you." I said and handed her schedule back. "cool" after she said that, the bell rung for 1st period. "Aw shit!" karina yelled aloud. "Don't worry, I'll take you there." I smiled relieving her. We ran towards her 1st period Art. We reached the classroom, "See ya Frank, thanx" she said and entered the room. The late bell had now rung.

I didn't care if I was late. I went to my classroom which was science. I entered the room and sat down. "Mr.Iero what is up with you being late all the time!" the teacher yelled. Man what a fucken whore that wont stop yelling at me. I ignored her, and after half an hour of boredom, I ditched class. I ran down the hallway towards my locker, good thing there weren't any security, teachers, or T.A.s' during class. I walked by Karina's 1st period and I heard a bunch of yelling and screaming. I peeked through the small window…Oh My God! The teacher was yelling at Karina!

I heard the teacher and karina arguing "Karina you may be new here but that doesn't mean you can punch people in the face!" "I didn't do shit!! This lil bastard socked that kid in the gut and whacked him with his knee in the face!! And everyone's trying to blame it on me you STUPID BITCH!!!!" Karina screamed. Whoa this girl's tough. "Karina go to the principles office NOW!" "MAKE ME!!!" I ran by a water fountain right before Karina ran out the door practically full of tears. She ran very fast, until I caught her and pulled her into the janitors closet.

"what the fuck!" she yelled, "SHH! Shut up its me! stay quiet, I heard the teacher call security, now security's' after you." I whispered. "stupid bitch teacher blamed me for socking a kid in the face!" she whispered loudly. "Yea their stu---OH SHIT! Karina hide behind this!" I pushed her behind huge boxes and I hid next to her. "why?" she asked. I whispered the quietest "security is in the hallway just lay down on your stomach and shh for a moment" she nodded. To make us more hidden from eye view I laid on my stomach on top of her back and wrapped my arms around her waist.

She's probably thinking what the fuck is he doing, but hey as long as we don't get caught ditching it works. I squeezed her body against mine because the boxes were short for both of us. Now Karina can feel the breath from my nose against the right side of her face. Now the boxes hid us well. The door creaked open, the security guard was searching with a flashlight. He flashed the boxes Karina and I were hiding behind. I can see the light through a small crease. The security clicked on his radio.

"'beep' Miss, please describe the student im searching for'beep'" "'beep' she has torn jeans, a band tee, black hair, and black&white shoes'beep'" I heard the radio. "'beep' nope, no sign of her anywhere'beep'" the guard closed the door. I released Karina from my arms, and got up and helped Karina up. "phew! That was close!" I said breathing heavily.


[oh and Frank's classes are:








Karina's classes are:




4-Computer Apps





Live My Life Alone Forever Now(A Frankie Story)/Chapter 1

Live My Life Alone Forever Now
Chapter 1

Frank's POV

"Great another day of torture" I sighed as I got up from my bed. I hate going to school, not just because of the learning, also because of the fucken kids. They say shit to me just because I'm always a loner, shorter than everyone else, and because of my style. Ever since elementary school I've been treated this way. Why cant these people just leave me alone! I stood up from my bed, took a shower, dressed in my 'Misfits' tee, Bouncing Souls hoodie, torn black jeans, a red glove on my right hand, studded belt, eyeliner, a lil tiny bit of dark eyeshadow, and my black etnies. I sat on my door step, awaiting the day and the for the bus's arrival. People may think I have a bad reputation, but they started it, I would have never been such a trouble maker if it wasn't for them, I use to be such a well behaved boy, now I'm treated like shit for no damn reason. The school bus drove up in front of me, I entered the bus, like I said I'm a loner, I have my own seat on the bus.

I saw someone sitting on my seat, "Hey kid this is my fucken seat!" I said in a angry tone, the kid rose from the seat and said "oh…im sorry…I didn't know" I stared wide eyed at her. I sat down, sliding closer to the window, the girl looked lost, she just stood there, looking for another seat, "SIT DOWN" the bus driver yelled. So she quickly sat down next to me, I groaned in annoyance and look at her, she must be new, she was fiddling with her fingers and staring at the floor. I looked side to side, then looked front and back to see if anyone was watching. "Hey you girl" I whispered, she looked up at me "Want a good rep? then just say 'get the fuck away from me you bastard' out loud to me and the others will offer you a seat next to them."

She then made a smile and giggled a little bit, "what?" I asked. She whispered "well, for your information, I already have bad rep, these stupid asses asked if I was a vampire as soon as I stepped foot on this bus, I told them I was and now they're scared as shit." "huh, good thing too, they need a good scare" I said. "My name's Frank by the way, and sorry for giving you an attitude." "It's okay, I understand how you feel, and my name's Karina." she said and stuck her hand out. We shook hands. "Hey awesome hoodie" I said noticing her Green Day hoodie, what the fuck? She was wearing practically what I was wearing!

She is dressed in a 'Beastie Boys' tee, torn black jeans, a black glove on her right hand, studded belt, eyeliner, a lil tiny bit of dark eyeshadow, and black/white converse. This was weird. "thank you very much" she replied. "so where are you coming from?" I asked. "Well I came from this small town in California, then my family and I decided to move here in Jersey, I think its beautiful here." "yea I know, but theres a lot of trouble here too." I chuckled, so did Karina. "So…do you play anything?" I asked wonderering. "Acually yea, I play guitar and bass and I have-- well, had my own my band…You?"

she said looking down. "Hey! I play guitar too! And I'm in a band. But why? What happened to yours?" I said concerned. "Because I had to move here, my band and I had to break up, it was my first ever, and it was awesome rocking out with my friends, but hey that's great you play guitar too, we can maybe play some time." she made a weak smile, "what is the band your in called Frank?" she asked me. "The band that I'm in  is called 'Pencey Prep' what was yours called?" "'Meet Me At My Funeral' I came up with it myself." she replied. I like the sound of that.

"Awesome name, seriously" I said to her. "Thanks" after Karina said that, we arrived at school, the bus driver shut off the engine, and rose from his seat, he pointed out random seats of kids to walk off the bus. Karina and I were last. We set foot on campus, and the bus drove off. "Hey..uhh..Frank" Karina said shyly. "what?" "Wheres the office? I gotta go pick up my class schedule and locker number" she asked. "Here, I'll walk you there."

Not Knowing You’d Change From Just One Bite-One Shot

Not Knowing You’d Change From Just One Bite-One Shot
(there maybe a sequel!)[this was based on a dream i had]

It was a beautiful evening, everyone was having fun, the best of friends were inside enjoying their movie night. Everyone was all snuggled up on the couch watching horror movies, the best buddies do this every week. Gerard, Frank, Mikey, Ray, Bob, and the only girl of the crew, Karina.

They’ve been besties ever since they were kids, now in middle school, enjoying the life. Karina was in the middle between Frank and Mikey. The crew was watching the last movie for the night..a vampire flick, which was about vampires everywhere you see, and if anyone goes out in the night, they get drained and brutaly killed.

Karina was shaking uncontrollably, Mikey tried confronting her but she wouldn’t calm. She couldn’t, the movie was scaring the shit outta her. Gerard gave it a try, he patted her back, whispering "Karina calm down" it didn’t work, Karina just stared at the television, holding her knees against her chest, trembling like a freak.

Frank just stared at her with an eyebrow raised, as if she was a madwoman. Bob was about to rub her back to calm down.. But then some vampire grabbed some chick on the video and Karina screamed! All the guys huddled against Karina and gave her a group hug to calm her down.

Frank hugging her in the middle of the group hug…rocked a lil bit "Karina its okay…its just a movie" he cooed rubbing her back. Karina’s trembling slowed down a bit. "There, there…its okay…" the guys said.The movie just ended with a horrifying bloody murder.

Ray got up and grabbed some blankets for everyone to sleep in. there was only 5 blankets so Mikey and Karina decided to share one. They all dressed into their pajamas and got ready to sleep for the evening. Everyone fell asleep on the couch, Bob leaned against the armrest and so did ray on the other end of the couch, Gerard leaned back with his mouth open, Mikey leaned his head on a pillow that was laying on Gerard’s left thigh, Karina leaned against Mikey’s side, and Frank leaned against Karina’s side, who felt warm and safe with all her friends.

A few hours passed by-------Gerard was the first to wake up, he faced the living room clock it read ’11:00pm’ "whoa! How’d I wake up at this time?" he asked himself, then he decided to shake up the rest of the clan. "Huh? What?" everyone else groaned.

"Man! What the hell Gee!" Bob whined throwing a pillow accedently smacking Karina who was still laying down. "Hey!" she jumped and through the pillow which hit Frankie in the face.."What the heck!" he got startled! Everyone else laughed. "Hey guys! Lets go for a walk? Shall we?" Mikey offered. Everyone stood up, streached, yawned, and said their good mornings.

"Hey I gotta better idea!" Frank said. "Lets take a walk through the cemetery! Its so peaceful there!" "YEA!!" everyone agreed. Karina grabbed her bag and walked to the restroom to dress up. The guys dressed in the living room. After that they all walked out on their way to the cemetery. "Wow, its so dark out" Gerard sighed with a smile. "Yea it is"

Karina sighed as they walked through the cemetery gates. Ray started looking around like a freak "what was that?" he said referring to the trees. "its nothing ray calm down" bob reassured him. Karina didn’t think it was nothing…there was actually something in the trees, its obvious. There’s a deep shadow in the branches.

She tapped Mikey "Hey dude you see that?" she asked pointing up towards a specific tree. "No..why?" "never mind" is she the only one that can see it? Whatever it is was stalking the crew, she stood next to Bob, "What do you keep staring at Karina?" he asked, she stopped on her tracks "Guys, stop walking…look at what I’m pointing" she instructed, "look through the trees…do you see an shadows?" "No your just going nuts" said Ray "Oh Wait! I do see something"

Gerard said with a paranoid face, "you do?!" she shrieked "Yea I see a scaredy cat!" Gerard laughed pointing to Karina. Then they all began to laugh, "IM NOT SCARED!" she insisted. "I just…never mind" Everyone kept laughing, Karina just ignored them…she then heard a rustling noise from behind. There was nothing in sight.

She kept walking….when all of a sudden Gerard screamed and disappeared…The guys felt devastated…wondering were is he, Karina looked around searching for Gerard, nowhere to be seen. They continued walking….Bob and Ray began talking to keep their minds off what just happened. "How come I can only see it?"

Karina thought to herself. She then saw a dark, flying, bat like figure swoop down about to catch Bob and Ray! She jumped trying to shove them out of the way…but she failed…she watched her friends get snatched before her very eyes. Whatever that was….was now hunting them.

"Uhh…Karina…where’s ….Bob and Ray?!" Mikey and Frank asked…scared as shit. "I don’t know guys….I don’t know whats happening" she said getting off from the ground and dusting the dirt off her Misfits tee. As soon as she looked up….Mikey just vanished in thin air. "What the fuck??!!! MIKEY!!! MIKEY!!!" she screamed looking back and forth. "OH SHIT!! What the fuck??!!" Frank yelled, "Karina!! What the hell is going on!!!" he is now very terrified.

"Frank there is something out in those trees, you may not be able to see it, but I can, so please, we gotta stick by each other so we don’t get snatched…now…lets just walk slowly towards the gate and------" she stopped talking after her and Frank noticed and watched the gate shut and lock its self. Frank was about to scream, but Karina covered his mouth so the snatcher wouldn’t hear them.

Karina watched the dark fugure slither from the gate and flew up into a tree. She tapped Frank to look at the tree the shadow just flew into. She uncovered his mouth, "oh…my…god" Frank gasped…now he can see what she was seeing.

There was a clump of shadows moving, as if struggling to get out of something, until the main dark figure pulled out its hands with long claws(or nails whatever they were), and shoved its head against the clump of shadows….blood curdling screams filled the air. For sure that clump of shadows were Karina and Frank’s friends. Gerard, Mikey, Ray, and Bob have been murdered on the spot.

Frank fell down on his knees, "NO!! your mother fucker!!" "Frank shut up!" Karina shushed him…she too..felt very sad..and wanted to cry to death..but she cant…unless she wanted her and Frank to die.

Karina then saw a shadow standing before her…with a disgusting stench, a tall, smelly, bleeding vampire approached her a lil closer…Karina stepped back and the vampire grabbed Karina’s throat and sank his fangs into deep into the flesh of her neck, Frank immediately got up and took out his pocket knife(more like a f-ing dagger) and stabbed the vampire forcefully…after that it lost grip of Karina and she limply fell to the ground.

The vampire collapsed backwards and Frank continued to shank and stab the vampire many times, then Frank found a bark of a tree..very similar to a stake…and shoved it into the vampire’s chest. In just seconds…the vampire faded to dust. Frank turned around to find Karina on the ground.

"Karina" he said shaking her, she sat up. Frank gasped at her neck…Karina had two deep wounds on the right side of her neck. "Karina! Can you hear me?!" said tapping her side. Karina stood up, she finally opened her eyes, which were now a very bright light blue color, and fangs slid out in front of her bottom lip. She just stared blanky at Frank.

"Are you okay?" Frank asked and reached his arms out and gave her a hug…she joined in the hug. "I cant believe im not human anymore" she thought. Karina rested her chin on Frank’s shoulder. He whispered next to her ear, "Karina, I don’t want you to die…since the guys are nowhere to be found…" Frank paused a bit, he cared so much for his friends like family,

"Bite me" he demanded. Then let go of her, and he stretched his neck towards Karina…she begun to cry, tears of blood stained her face. "please don’t cry" Frank said wiping the bloody tears with his thumb, "Now…come on…just bite me, suck my blood, and then I’ll suck yours, so we can be side by side each other for eternity. The guys are no longer with us…so we have to share immortality to avenge our beloved friends."

she looked down "please I don’t want to risk your life Frankie."she sighed. "Here…lets have one last tight hug before immortality." he offered and gave her a warm…safe hug Karina hugged back…"bite me" he whispered. Karina, still hugging, moved her face to closer to his neck and sank her fangs into Frank’s soft, vulnerable flesh, Frank moaned as Karina drank his blood.

She slid her fangs out of his neck. Karina looked at him in shock. Frank’s eyes have changed into the same color as hers, and fangs slid in front of his bottom lip, "wow that felt awkward" he said. They hugged again, and Frank bit down on Karina as the full moon shined on their blood exchange. The moon came unexpected…good thing to, or else the blood exchange wouldn’t work.




Frank stopped drinking. They let go of each other and stared at one another. They were now immortal vampires, a creature that cannot be cured, who will live forever till the end of time. Frank and Karina held hands as they morphed into little bats. And vanished into the darkness of the moonlight, as they await their journey….for revenge…


This is My First Enrtry!
So I've Finally Made A LiveJournal Account.
\Mostly Because I Can Communicate With My Wifey
and Others
In Another Way Than Just MySpace and VampireFreaks
So Yeah Now I Gotta Find Her Online Hah!
Well To Get Started I'll Post Some of my Stories Up Soon 
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